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Learn about Bahcesehir district in Istanbul

Learn about Bahcesehir district in Istanbul
Publication date: 2018-07-15 Category: Turkish Districts & Areas

Many Arab citizens that are seeking to buy a property in Turkey ask for Bahçeşehir region in particular, and as a beginning, that is perhaps because of the good reputation the region has among the Arab communities.

Indeed, Bahçeşehir is inhabited by a large number of Arab citizens who admired the place at first glance, due to its natural beauty, comfortable tranquility, and reasonable prices for the properties.

General information about Bahçeşehir:

The term Bahçeşehir means “the city of gardens,” and that is really what makes Bahçeşehir district unique thanks to the municipality of Başakşehir, whose reputation has been popular among the Turks and Arabs, as a quiet developed municipality with high-level municipal services.

Bahçeşehir is the largest and most eligible city for housing and services in the region of Başakşehir that is located on the European side of Istanbul. Bahçeşehir is also one of the most modern areas which also offers a wonderful view thanks to the largest artificial lake in Turkey that Bahçeşehir overviews, with an area of ​​26 thousand square meters.

Residents of Bahçeşehir are mostly families, and this makes the district as one of the most attractive areas for those looking to buy an apartment in Istanbul. The residents are also of a high education and mostly are merchants and owners of large industrial and commercial businesses.

Real estate investment in the region:

The Turkish government is heading towards reviving Bahçeşehir as a central area that includes many international services, such as the Istanbul Grand Airport, which is only a 20 min away from Bahçeşehir, and the second Canal of Istanbul, which will become the second international strait in Istanbul, and it is 26 kilometers away from Bahçeşehir and can be reached in 30 to 35 minutes by car. This provides golden opportunities for those looking for investment opportunities in Istanbul.

Based on these strategic projects, the Turkish government has been keen, for years, to transform Bahçeşehir and its environs into modern areas with services that emulate global cities in terms of health, education, security and technology.

Bahçeşehir is located near a large number of major global and national companies and institutions, such as the headquarters and the train station that connects between the outskirts of the district, and it is also possible to use it to reach one of the largest and most organized industrial zones in Istanbul, for a period not exceeding 30 min.

Furthermore, the level of educational and health services in the area is very high, and what we have mentioned above is sufficient to reveal the aspects and features of these services. And as is the case in other regions of Turkey, Bahçeşehir has a number of popular markets that have low prices suitable for every budget.

As for transportation, now buses are available as a means of transportation, but the government is supposed to launch, at the end of next year, a metro line that will connect Bahçeşehir with the main city center on one side, and on the other side, it will connect Bahçeşehir with the Istanbul Grand Airport. However, Bahçeşehir provides a high advantage for those who own cars, as it is not far from a number of highways that would keep them from the congestion that Istanbul is famous for.

To sum up, in addition to recreating yourself by visiting the natural places in Bahçeşehir, you can always enjoy visiting many shopping centers that Bahçeşehir hosts, such as Prestige, Göztepe and many others.

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