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Esenyurt, the district of real estate diversity in Istanbul

Esenyurt,  the district of real estate diversity in Istanbul
Publication date: 2018-06-29 Category: Turkish Districts & Areas

Esenyurt district is located in the west of Istanbul on the European side, and it is considered as the main link between the west and the east of the city. It is in the middle of several basic and vital areas in Istanbul, such as Büyükçekmece district with its sea views, locating within the eye-sight in the elevated areas of Esenyurt, as well as Küçükçekmece, Beylikduzu and Avcilar vital districts. 

Historically, Esenyurt became under the reins of the Turkish authority during the era of the Ottoman Empire, which left a glorious legacy varying between mosques, schools and colleges with an elegant architectural style. The Turkish Republic did not neglect this legacy, as it is still taking care of it, keeping it majestic up to this day. 

Esenyurt, like other districts of Istanbul, hosts integrated government and municipal services that provide full package of services to its residents, including schools, hospitals, parks, public transportation, as well as multiple other municipal services. This makes buying an apartment in Esenyurt is a good step for those who want to buy an apartment in Turkey with the aim of settling down. 

Malls and entertainment centers in Esenyurt: 

Esenyurt is beautiful as it is proximate to the natural lakes and the Marmara Sea, which is about 20 km away, and it can be accessed by car or public transport in only forty minutes. However, the sea is not the only outlet for self-recreation in Esenyurt. Rather, there are several options offered to those who reside in Esenyurt. There is a number of shopping centers like; Torium AVM, Ak Bate Mall, City Center AVM, Marmara Park, and Parkway Shopping Center. These shopping centers contain some of the most luxurious shopping centers in Istanbul in general. 

In addition to the shopping centers, there are parks and amusement parks, as well as cafes and restaurants that are abundant in the area. However, restaurants of Esenyurt are distinguished from other restaurants by the variety of their options and the deliciousness of their meals, as the restaurants are run by people originally from east and southeast of Turkey. Thus, the diversity of cuisine drives a large number of Turkish citizens to visit Esenyurt in order to enjoy the meals provided by its restaurants. 

Means of transportation in Esenyurt: 

There is a number of means of transportation that connect Esenyurt with the center of Istanbul. This includes the most important practical mean of transportation which is the metrobus; A bus, in an urban rapid transit system, that is somewhat like a tram, and runs in a segregated busway. Also, the Turkish Ministry of Transportation is preparing to launch a metro line linking Esenyurt with Mahmud Bey area, where the existing metro reaches to Aksaray, the vital neighborhood in Fatih, the city center. The aforementioned metro line will also be linked to the metro line heading towards the third airport. This would reduce the congestion movement towards Esenyurt, and raise the value of real estate investment in it, providing a golden opportunity for real estate investment in Istanbul. Moreover, Esenyurt is proximate to the E5 highway and the E80 international highway, proximate to the Second Canal of Istanbul, which will become Istanbul's second phosphorous, and proximate to the Amberly Shipping Port and Tuyap International Exhibition. All this raises the value of real estate investment in Esenyurt. 

The Ministry of Transportation indicates that the metro line will be opened in mid-2021, and this offers the real estate investor a valuable opportunity to own now at a low price, and sell his property later at higher prices. On the other hand, if the goal of ownership is residential, then the resident will have convenient services and transportation for himself and his family, as the metrobus and metro are among the fastest means of transportation in Turkey 


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