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Obtain Turkish citizenship through marriage

Obtain Turkish citizenship through marriage
Publication date: 2018-10-15 Category: Daily living in Turkey

Turkish society shares a lot of customs and traditions with the Arab community, making marriage between young men and women possible and desirable.

In contrast to the prevailing image of Turkish society, it embraces a large category of conservatives, which are the closest to the attitudes of Arab society in terms of customs and traditions.

The Turkish Citizenship Act No. 5901 did not exceed the point of obtaining Turkish nationality through marriage, indicating that the husband or wife of Turkish origin can grant nationality on her partner in life.

Conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship through marriage:

Article 16 of the Law on the acquisition of Turkish nationality stipulates that a Turkish citizen is not granted Turkish nationality directly, indicating that Turkish nationality is granted through marriage after 3 years, in accordance with the following conditions:

  • Living in a family atmosphere.
  • Staying away from behaviors that do not conform to the foundations and pillars of marriage.
  • Failure to form a threat to national security.

The second clause of the same article states the legal grant of citizenship to the husband or wife in the event of the death of the other partner before the expiration of the specified period, noting that the first condition based on the basis of "living within a family entity" is not considered in the case of the death of another partner who is a holder of Turkish nationality.

Article 3 deals with the occurrence of divorce after the expiry of the period for the acquisition of nationality through marriage, where it is clarified that the holder of Turkish nationality through marriage maintains his nationality, even after the divorce, on the condition of ensuring his good intention of marriage.

The same law grants citizenship through residence for 5 years, or through the purchase of a buying property in turkey, or through an exceptional decision issued by the Turkish government.

The mechanism for registering a marriage contract that is not concluded in advance:

Often, this mechanism refers to the marriage contract that will be concluded between two weds willing to marry during their stay in Turkey. This mechanism is carried out exactly as is the case for two Turkish weds, and there is no difference between Turkish and non-Turkish in this case. Initially, a civil marriage contract requires that the applicant be married at the age of 18. If the parents want to marry their sons or daughters at a lower age, the law does not mind, but the presence of parents is required as a prerequisite.

The registration of a marriage contract in Turkey takes place through the access to a marriage department in the municipalities. The main difference between Turkish and non-Turkish citizens in this mechanism is the municipality's request to the non-Turkish citizen for identification. These documents are:

  • The civil registration of both spouses: This register is extracted from the Department of Civil Affairs in the native country. After ratification by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, then it must be approved by the Consulate and then translated by an accredited office. Notary public must not be ignored, too.
  • Original passport that is translated and certified.
  • Residence of both parties.
  • Medical examination that can be done at any Turkish public hospital.
  • House lease.
  • Eight photos of each party.
  • Receiving Family Book:

If the couple agrees to the terms of marriage, the marriage department accepts their application and gives them the family book after a short period. By use of family book, spouses can prove their marriage in any Turkish governmental institution. If the family book is needed outside of Turkey, the required procedure is to translate it by a sworn translation office, then to be authenticated by the Turkish Foreign Ministry, and then the international embassy where the family book will be used.

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