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Palestinians' dream of owning property in Turkey, a new Erdoğan resolution, has come true

Palestinians' dream of owning property in Turkey, a new Erdoğan resolution, has come true
Publication date: 2019-03-25 Category: Tax & Legal

Are Palestinian Citizenship Holders Entitled to buying property in turkey?

The Department of Foreigners Affairs of the Turkish Real Estate Registry issued a new resolution that concerns Palestinian citizenship holders regarding amending the conditions for their ownership in Turkey, and accordingly the Palestinians were finally allowed to own properties in Turkey.


Holders of Palestinian Travel Documents before the Resolution:

A Palestinian who holds a travel document and does not possess a passport from the Palestinian Authority could not buy a property in Turkey, as the authorities in Turkey did not approve Palestinian documents for the sake of the ownership of the Palestinians, even when the very same authorities in Turkey approves that same documents for the right to obtain a tourist residency. the Palestinian, coming to Turkey with a travel document, who wants to buy a property had to obtain a document stating that he is without a homeland first, and then after that he had the right to buy the property. In this regard, Mr. Bayram Takcha, Chairman of the Board of Directors of one of the institutions in Antalya, mentions that many Palestinians who hold travel documents have already submitted requests to receive the title deed document, but unfortunately these requests ended in rejection. He added that the only obstacle facing the Palestinians from receiving their title deeds for real estate in Turkey is the Turkish authorities’ non-acceptance or approval of the travel document for arrivals, and upon the approval of this document, we will witness a large number of Palestinians buying real estate in Turkey.


Prerequisite Conditions of Buying a Property in Turkey:

One of the most important conditions that a Palestinian must provide is a residency; the new resolution stipulates that the Palestinian through his travel document, from the country in which he resides, be that for example Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Egypt, or other countries in which he resides, can own real estate in Turkey.

And according to what the Directorate of Real Estate issued, the decision came into effect on March 2019, and it stipulates, as previously mentioned, to allow ownership of Palestinian citizenship holders in Turkey if that holder of the Palestinian document has fulfilled the conditions for obtaining residency.


Holders of Palestinian Travel Documents after the Resolution:

The Turkish Ministry of Economy and the Department of Immigration Affairs of the State of Istanbul have discussed a resolution of 2013 about the right of real estate ownership for Palestinians, and the end result was a circular issued on 06.03.2019 to amend the previous decisions regarding the right to own real estate for Palestinians to include everyone with a passport from the Palestinian authorities or a travel document issued by any country. This decision is considered an exceptional amendment for Palestinians only to facilitate their ownership procedures.

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