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Project D-255 in Istanbul

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Overview ... Facilities and Services

Overview ... Facilities and Services

  • The project consists of three low-rise residential blocks with 5 floors and 510 housing units.
  • The project will be student-housing units with models including one room with an area of 27 m 2 and contains one bed or one housing unit with an area of 83 m 2 in which three beds are available where the administration of the project provides guarantee of rental income under an authenticated contract.
  • The project land area is 18000 m2
  • The project consists of a 1 + 1 apartment model with 1 or 3 beds.
  • Restaurants & Cafe
  • Jogging Courses
  • Fitness Facility
  • Reception Hall
  • 24/7 Security guard
  • Surveillance Cameras
  • Earthquake Resistant Building
  • Indoor car Park
  • Meeting Rooms

Location and strategic importance of the project

Service institutions
  • The project is in a vital area because of its proximity to many private and government universities such as Coltur University, the University of Iden and other E-5 universities.
  • In addition to the health institutions, which include hospitals such as Atakwi hospital and Bakrkoy hospital and other health centers.
  • The company that developed the project is one of the giants of the construction companies in Turkey, which falls under the name of a group of hotels, commercial and residential complexes spread in most areas of Istanbul and what is important is the company's choice of strategic and investment areas to provide its customers with the largest return on investment in Istanbul.
  • The project is located on one of the most important highways in the city of Istanbul known as the E-5, which connects the two parts of Istanbul, Europe and Asia.
  • The area that is opposite to Ataturk Airport, which will be closed after the opening of the new airport, faces an international exhibition city or a large public park. The project will also take place next to the current exhibition city near the airport.
  • More importantly, the project is close to famous universities such as the University of Aden, the University of Avglar Teknina and Istanbul University of Literature.
  • The project is located right next to the E-5 bus metro station.
  • The project is located ten-minute walk from the project gate to the subway station which will pass down the project and will be ready before the end of the project, which allows us to reach the Asian side to Kartal area and areas of Taksim and MECİDİYEKÖY, in addition to the availability of government buses.
Future look
  • The project, which is adjacent to metro and metro lines, provides easy transportation in the shortest time to the most important points of the city.
  • The project provides an investment plan in an area that develops more and more every year with its transportation network, residential projects, work centers, hotels, exhibition areas and shopping points.

Approximate Prices

Payment method
50% Advance payment
and rest will be paid as installments for 36 months.
Number of rooms
Area (m2)
Created date
1 + 1
1 + 1

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