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Trabzon is one of the biggest cities in Turkey and the eastern Black Sea. It is characterized by a rainy climate and big green spaces that surround it. Although Trabzon is away from main Turkish cities like Istanbul, Izmir, and Ankara, it is connected with these cities through a modern grid of highway streets and the existence of an international airport.

Properties for Sale in Trabzon

Trabzon is distinguished by a fanciful beauty and this does not mean that the prices of properties in Trabzon is very high. Trabzon differs from other Turkish cities due to its incredible beauty and the cheap prices of properties like Yumra city which is considered the most attractive. This in turn makes it an ideal choice for all those who intend to buy a property in Turkey.

Tourists Look for Apartments for Sale in Trabzon

Trabzon has recently witnessed a growing number of expatriates and tourists coming from outside Turkey. In fact, the number of foreign tourists coming to the city is large because of the natural beauty of Trabzon, which is often described as "where green meets blue" in an indication to green landscapes that surround the blue lakes and water bodies. This increase was accompanied by strong demand for investment and real estate, especially from Gulf countries. Research in the region also confirms the continued demand for annual rents in all types of accommodation including hotels and private residences.

Officials confirm the recent amendment concerning "the regulation of buying a property in Turkey for foreigners and their right to obtain Turkish citizenship." Officials said the amendment was a big advantage for them and gave them the right to buy a property in the country and attain Turkish citizenship. The new regulation states that "foreigners who buy a property that is worth a minimum of $ 250,000 can apply for Turkish citizenship."

It should also be noted that the rate of sale of real estate to foreigners increased by 60% in August 2018 compared to the same month of 2017 because of the real existed advantages of Trabzon in terms of its wonderful nature and the provision of unique entertainment. The development of tourism in the region in recent years has stimulated foreigners to increase their real estate investments in the city. Trabzon has attracted a large number of foreigners of Arab origin who want to buy a property in Trabzon, especially those who prefer it as a city that provides all their demands in terms of recreation and enjoying the beautiful natural scenes. The road signs written in Arabic are among the most important services offered by the Municipality to Arab tourists.

Real Estate Investment in Trabzon

In fact, these features reveal golden opportunities for real estate investment in Trabzon. This issue enjoys significant government support for its development and investment support in Trabzon. Demand for high-quality homes is also growing, giving real estate in Trabzon a huge boost. Many people are looking for apartments for sale in Trabzon as holiday homes or for investment purposes. Trabzon properties offer excellent rental returns throughout the year. Many prefer its cool climate to the warm climate in the southern coastal resorts, which tend only to offer seasonal summer rents.

Real estate prices in this area are currently widely accepted, but with the rapid development of the city, it makes sense that real estate prices in Trabzon will rise in the near future, and these prices will continue to rise according to forecasts of Turkish real estate experts. Whether you're looking for a property once you retire, a lifestyle change, or just looking for an apartment for spending your vacation and renting it out during periods when you're not using it, then Trabzon will be an excellent choice for you.

In recognition of the importance of Trabzon and for those who are interested in buying a property in Turkey, Damas Real Estate Company offers a number of good and luxurious projects at affordable prices, such as D406, D405, D404, D401, etc.

General Information about Trabzon

Trabzon lies between the mountains of Zigana and the Black Sea coast. It is surrounded by Giresun, Gümüşhane, Bayburt and Rize, all of which are relatively similar cities with the same beauty and splendor.

The city of Trabzon has a long history dating back to the early days of mankind. It was founded in 756 BC and has many civilizations, including: Laz, Kulchik, Abkhazia, Greek, Byzantine, and finally the Ottoman civilization. Perhaps the main characteristic of all these civilizations is the ancient cultural heritage that made the city of Trabzon embracing historic structures that attract large numbers of people interested in the history of civilizations and ancient heritage.

On the Trabzon cuisine, fish and cauliflower are among the most important specialties. This cuisine offers fresh fish from the coast to the people of the city throughout the year. One of the most beautiful things in Trabzon is dining on the riverbed, or in a restaurant overlooking the coast. Residents are very interested in visiting the Turkish bath from time to time for recreation.

Like all other Turkish cities, Trabzon has excellent educational, health and municipal services. The presence of Karadeniz Teknik Üniversitesi gives great importance to Trabzon, which provides educational services in more than one area, as well as Trabzon airport, which provides round the clock services. Protection Status