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Visa, Residence Permit, and Turkish Citizenship

If you want to go to Turkey for tourism, trade, asylum, education, etc… you have to know the conditions of residence in Turkey in accordance with the laws in force. Here in this article, we will provide you with the information about residence in Turkey, how to obtain a visa in Turkey, and how..

A Leap in the Turkish Tourism Sector in 2019

The year 2019 witnessed a pounce in the tourism sector in Turkey with an increase in revenue by 17% and an increase in the number of visitors by 14.1% as Turkey focuses on further expanding this sector during the year 2020. As Turkey attracts many tourists and investors who want to invest in Turkey,..

Strong Indicators for the development of the Turkish Economy

The Turkish state suffered in the recent time from severe economic fluctuations, which were overcome through a large package of measures and reforms announced by the economic administration, in which the level of internal development was raised, and foreign risks were overcome. The capital was also attracted..

Comparison Between Homes and Condos When Looking for Property

If you are in need of a big change in your life, you will tend to want to move to a new place, whether it be for a job opportunity or to be close to family or friends. Two kinds of abodes you can consider moving into are homes and condos, for you to live in, rent out, spend summers in, or anything that..

Our Investment Projects with Reference to Dream Project "Istanbul Canal"

The reality of investment in the Turkish real estate sector: There is no doubt that the constant objective of construction companies and real estate development companies contribute to providing facilities for investors and those who want to buying property in turkey and invest in turkey by overcoming..

The Growing Iranian Demand for the Turkish Real Estate Market

The number of arrivals from Iran has increased dramatically since about 4 years ago in order to own and buy Turkey real estate, invest in Turkey and do business. In 2019, according to official statistics, the number of tourists was about 51 million foreign tourists who visited Turkey last year. It is..

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