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Apartments and Villas for sale in Turkey 2020

Dream of owning homes for sale in Turkey? Turkey offers spacious apartments for sale that make great homes for you and your family.

Buying a houses for sale in Turkey is simple for foreigners but before you begin looking for property, visit your consulate just in case there are requirements you have to meet. When you’re given the green light from the consulate, find yourself a reliable real estate broker who can help you navigate through the Turkish real estate market.

Most of the growth in Turkey’s real estate landscape has come from its flourishing tourism industry, so investors look for to purchase houses, retail and commercial spaces in hot tourist spots that they can rent out. If you’re looking to buy flats for sale in Turkey, an experienced real estate broker will direct you the best locations for apartments and villas.

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How to buy apartments in turkey?

Do Foreigners Need a Residence Permit to Buy Property in Turkey?

Residence permit is not required for buying property in turkey.

Documentation needed:

You need your passport and local tax number to purchase flats, villas and houses for sale in Turkey, which is also necessary to open a bank account in Turkey. You will also need two identity passport photos.

Do I need a lawyer?

While the purchase of a property in Turkey is not a regulatory requirement, we strongly encourage you to use a lawyer.

The Buying Process:

Once you have the dream of obtaining a property in Turkey, you usually need a holding deposit, which varies depending on the area and the seller, but is typically between £ 1,000 and £ 2,000. You will need to pay a full deposit of 10 to 30 percent at a set date and you will need to get a tax number and open a bank account. Once the deeds, including residence, are ready to be issued, sellers accept the balance of the request. Taxes will also be payable at the time of the deed. The lawyer will then draw up a contract to finish the transaction. When all the documentation has been signed and the deposit has been received, your application papers will be sent to the buyer for military clearance before the deeds can be issued. You don't have to stay in Turkey to sign your deeds; you can get a notary from your country to appoint a lawyer to sign for you (Jones Lang LaSalle, 2018).

Fees and Costs Involved in buying a villa in turkey:

The acquisition of property shall only take effect after it has been duly registered with the relevant Land Registry Office. Once the title is transferred, the purchaser shall pay the sales price and the seller shall allow the purchaser to occupy the property. In order to avoid tax evasion, the sales price cannot be less than the market price determined by the Governorate concerned. The selling price is recorded in the formal Title Deed document and the Title Deed Fee is calculated on this basis. In addition to the market value, there are other financial commitments resulting from the acquisition of property in Turkey. These are regarded in the table below and VAT is addressed in the next section (Jones Lang LaSalle, 2018).

Financial obligation

Preliminary Sale Agreement

Sale Agreement

Title Deed Fee

If one of the parties wishes to have the preliminary sale agreement annotated to the Land Registry, that party must pay 0.683% of the sale price.

The buyer and the seller must each pay 2% of the sale price to the Land Registry Office

Circulating Capital fee

Not Applicable

The seller must pay a circulating capital fee to the Land Registry Office

Stamp Duty

Unless otherwise decided by the parties, the seller and the buyer must pay 0.948% of the sale price.

Not Applicable

Notary Fee

the party who request the preliminary sale agreement to be executed must pay 0.113% of the sale price per signature required

Not Applicable Protection Status