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Bursa is located in the south-east of the Sea of Marmara in north-west of Turkey and is located on the foothills of Uludağ Mountain. It is surrounded by different cities including Bilecik, Adapazarı in the east, Izmit, Yalova, Istanbul, and Marmara Sea in the north. Bursa is considered the fourth biggest city in Turkey. In comparison with Istanbul, Bursa is a peaceful and ideal place to exceed crowded areas and enjoy the natural beauty where it is called "Green Bursa" due to the availability of fantastic green areas. Likewise, Bursa is full of Ottoman monuments which undeniably contend Istanbul's.

In reference to its featured geographical site, the availability of diverse tourism places including historical and amusement ones, and its closeness to Istanbul which makes it convenient to travel to this city in a short time, that is less than two hours via cruise ship. By this means, Bursa provides a great opportunity for those who are interested in buying a property in Turkey. Buying a property in Bursa means you are able to work in its commercial, agricultural or industrial market, and visiting Istanbul when you feel nostalgic. In this way, Istanbul can remain beautiful from buyers' perspective and can avoid the congestion of Istanbul and the consequent pressure.

As a result, Bursa has a mild climate that makes it one of the most important tourist destinations in Turkey. It contains Uludağ, the largest mountain in Turkey, which welcomes hundreds and even thousands of tourists who love to ski.

Bursa's advantages never stop at bringing forth a charming natural environment for those who intend to buy a property. Additionally, it provides great jobs, most importantly for those who work in the field of textiles and clothing. Bursa is described as the capital of clothing production because it contains large industrial areas containing hundreds of factories that are featured by producing all the requirements of the internal and global market.

Properties for Sale in Bursa

Property developers and construction companies are creating many residential and commercial projects in Bursa. Arabs are leading the list of foreign investors in the real estate sector in Bursa. The city includes many villas, residential compounds and tourist hotels, thus providing good opportunities for real estate investment and choosing properties for sale in Bursa, apartments, houses and villas in sites surrounded by beautiful landscapes, especially since it is close to Istanbul.

Like other Turkish cities, Bursa's properties are featured because of the government control or guarantee that ensures the right of buyers in purchasing a property.

In this context, the government recommends that the contract for the purchase of the property must be certified by the notary public and should be received in case the sale is done by installments. In case of a cash sale, it is recommended that you receive the contract, the taboo and all that relates to the property before delivering money to the concerned area.

Uludağ university is a governmental university with a high level of education in Turkey in Bursa which at all possible means provides great academic educational services for people whose sons are about to join university.

Damas company is distinguished by its exerted efforts in availing great real estate offers at competitive prices in Bursa to serve clients and to provide various options for those who intend to buy a property in Turkey although he/she is not decided at a specific property. In Bursa, Damas offers several real estate project options including 201, 202, 203, and 204.

Why invest in real estate in Bursa

Bursa is considered an appropriate city for real estate investment in Turkey due to the following reasons:

  • Advanced infrastructure, dynamic businesspeople, high quality work, and attractive investment climate.
  • About 700 foreign companies from about 70 countries.
  • Proximity to global and local markets.
  • 18 organized industrial zones, 1 free trade area and 7 maritime ports.
  • Strategic geographical location that provides logistics communications.
  • The fourth most economically developed region in Turkey.
  • Two universities and one vocational school that offer world class and quality education.
  • Ranked the second in research and development among centers in Turkey.
  • Global competitive industry sectors: textile, automotive, agro-food, metalworking machines, furniture and emerging sectors in railway, aerospace and defense systems.
  • High tourism potential in winter and natural tourism in addition to traditional tourism, health and culture.

History of Bursa

The oldest settlement in Bursa dates back to around 5,200 BC, but most of the remaining buildings date back to the Ottoman period. After the Ottomans conquered the city in 1326, they established Bursa as the capital of the empire, which later was shifted to Edirne and finally Istanbul. The city is doubly important because it embraces the tomb of Osman Gazi, who was named after the Ottoman ruling family and then the Ottoman Empire. The control of Bursa was an important step towards the conquest of Constantinople in 1453. Protection Status