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Property for Sale in Kocaeli

Kocaeli is an industrial city in the north west of Turkey and is considered one of the leading provinces that contributes to the Turkish economy due to its observable performance over recent years. Kocaeli is featured by its logistical advantages where it has become the heart of transformational industry. Kocaeli has become one of the main industrial cities and ports in Turkey, a center of technology and innovation through state investment and private sector support.

Kocaeli is one of the cities that entirely contributes to making Turkey one of the biggest ten economies in the world despite its low rank among 81 governorates in terms of population and geographical area. In addition to this great development the city witnessed recently, there has been an apparent expansion and urban prosperity in real estate. This has been accompanied and followed by an evident attitude towards buying properties and real estate investment in Turkey.

Properties in Kocaeli

Damas for Real Estate offers a list of properties for sale in Kocaeli. Prices range between 262.000 Turkish lira to more than one million Turkish lira and the available options vary between apartments and villas that are ready for housing where others are still under construction. You can use our search bar and choose the desired features to access various Kocaeli projects.

What is the Main City that Must be visited in Kocaeli?

Either you are travelling alone, with family and friends or you are staying in Kocaeli, there are many cities in Kocaeli which provide various opportunities to spend an ideal vacation in the city. The cities include Izmit, Körfez, and Kartepe. The city that must be explored in Kocaeli is Izmit which is located in the area of Marmara Sea. It is one hour and a half away from Istanbul. Despite its small size, it is distinguished by some features including living standard, natural beauty, and location. The city of Izmit is one of the oldest historical cities whose civilization dates back to the 8th century BC and has undergone many civilizations. It was entered by the Ottomans in 1326 and was in the reign of the Ottoman Empire which was called İzmid and then after changing Turkish letters to Latin in 1928, it was renamed to the current name İzmit. The population of Izmit currently reaches about 200,000 people. Izmit is strategically located 66 meters above sea level and overlooking the Sea of Marmara. It is also close to Istanbul and runs through the Istanbul-Ankara railway. Izmit is one of the most attractive cities for industrial and tourist investment. It has a beautiful aesthetic and historical appearance. It is famous for its many restaurants serving various kinds of fish food. It also has many famous historical monuments such as the Temple of Demeter and the Sultanate Orhan Ghazi Mosque which was built by the famous architect Mimar Sinan in 1339. Izmit also has many industries that contribute significantly to the Turkish economy. The city has 18 companies, which are ranked among the top 100 companies in Turkey, as well as the central port, which is considered one of the main export centers of the country. The city also contains a huge oil refinery and has several factories and labs for refining oil and many other industries where the most famous among them is the Turkish paper industry which produces half of the country's need for paper. Here we show you some important landmarks in Izmit.

Sultanate Orhan Ghazi Mosque

The mosque was built in 1339 after the opening of the city by Ottoman Sultan Süleyman Paşa and ordered constructing the mosque after his father Sultanate Orhan Ghazi. The mosque was built by the famous architect Mimar Sinan.

Demeter Temple

One of the oldest roman temples that was discovered.

Seka Park

Seka Park is one of Izmit's favorite places that is featured by attracting many tourists. The park has 6,000 trees planted in front of the sea where you can be lucky to have a meal at the available restaurants and enjoy an aesthetic view.

National Museum

It is a national museum that offers various antiques and many belongings that relate to different human races. It is featured by including a number of antiques, ethnographic pieces, and currencies. Additionally, there is a conference hall, a lab, many beautiful places, and historical attractions that exist in Izmit where you can have fresh air and enjoy its natural and historical beauty. Protection Status