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Villas for Sale in Turkey 2020

Want to wake up every morning and open your window to soak in the view of Turkey’s gorgeous beaches? Buy a villa on the beach! Some of Turkey’s most lavish houses are located near the seashore.

The Turkish coast is lined with luxury villas with world-class interiors. These houses are designed for the modern family looking to live in style. With superior architecture and infrastructure, these villas for sale attract buyers from all over Europe, Middle East and plenty of local residents.

Those looking for villas for sale in Turkey can choose from separate villas, villas in compounds and independent villas in compounds.

The villas in Turkey are very popular among buyers who are looking for high quality accommodation on the sea shore. The villas are characterized by sophisticated infrastructure, excellent beaches and a high level of service. There is a great demand for villas in Turkey in particular by the inhabitants of northern Europe, especially Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany, Finland and Norway as well as Arab countries. There is a wide range of villas along the Turkish coasts, including Antalya and Istanbul. In Antalya there are more than 300 sunny days a year, the beaches of the municipality are free, most of which have been awarded the Blue Flag Award, which is the international quality mark that defines the purity of sea and coastal waters. The rights of foreigners in Turkey are equal to the rights of Turkish citizens.

Villas for sale in Turkey are classified into several types:

Type I: Separate villas with private land and independent maintenance. The owner himself determines the cost of house maintenance. Villas of this type have private land with a garden as well as a swimming pool.

Type II: Villas are located within a compound with common infrastructure, thus management and services are also common. This type is similar to residential complexes with a written list of annual maintenance costs, gate guard, security, pool, gym, etc.

Type III: Villas in the form of independent houses, semi-detached houses located in one compound.

When you decide to buy a property in Turkey, then this is the easiest part. But the selection where to buy and invest is more complicated. If you are looking to buy a property in 2019, we have outlined the opportunities of investment in Turkey in a previous article that is titles "A Look at Investment Opportunities in Turkey".

Villas for Sale in Istanbul:

Istanbul has been one of the most important areas in the field of real estate investment in Turkey over the past few years. The Arabs and Europeans were impressed by the diverse nature of the city and the vast amount of Istanbul properties that meet all budgets and tastes.

With a number of regions undergoing major infrastructure renovations and upgrades, Istanbul's potential is very competitive with other countries such as Singapore, Paris, London and New York in the coming years. Buyers are often attracted to the city's vibrant atmosphere, culture, museums, attractions, shopping, as well as a strong rental market. Access to the city will become easier once Istanbul International Airport III is completed in late 2018.

Damas Turk Real Estate offers you villas for sale in Istanbul in luxury compounds in the areas of Büyükçekmece and Beylikdüzü including: Damas 173, Damas 172, Damas 171, Damas 130, Damas 127, Damas 118.

Buying a Propoerty in Turkey by foreigners:

  1. Persons with foreign nationalities can purchase up to 30 hectares of property in Turkey in aggregate.
  2. Foreigners cannot buy or rent a real estate in Turkey within restricted areas and security areas.
  3. Persons with foreign nationalities can obtain property in a particular area / town up to 10% of the total area of the said area / town.
  4. Legal restrictions do not apply to the placement of real estate mortgages and commercial companies with legal personality established in foreign countries. Protection Status