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Villas for Sale in Istanbul 2020

Istanbul continues to be a hot spot for real estate investors. Investors from Europe and Arab countries are drawn by the sheer beauty and diversity of the booming city. The city is a perfect combination of East meets West with its beautiful architecture, bustling streets and glitzy nightlife. It’s no wonder it’s such a favorite amongst both foreign and local investors!

Various parts of the city are undergoing renovations. Istanbul has taken on numerous developmental projects that are expected to compete with the real estate landscapes of London, New York, Singapore and Paris! Villas for sale in Istanbul offer luxury living at affordable rates.

Looking for a villa for sale in Istanbul? We can find you deluxe villas in Istanbul’s luxurious compounds.

Istanbul is a big and charming city where you can find all types of old and new residence, big and small, and villas which are mostly located away from the city center. Types of villas in Istanbul can be divided into:

  • Newly constructed villas in compounds that are away from the city center.
  • Old restored Ottoman villas located within the city.
  • Expensive Villas located on the Bosporus shores.

The Sarıyer, Zekeriyaköy and Emirgan are examples of the city's outer areas which include modest villas on large plots of land that are surrounded by natural views away from the hustle and bustle of the city and central areas. The price of villas in these areas - though high - is cheaper than the villas near the beach and if we turn west to the area of Büyükçekmece, we find that the prices of villas are very reasonable.

Those who whish to buy a villa in Istanbul for the sake of investment in Turkey can earn a high annual rental income from Istanbul villas as they attract wealthy families and high-income labor in the city in addition to the chance of increasing capital that has been invested in the purchased villa. This all goes right due to Istanbul real estate market which witnesses a rise in prices.

The value of villas for sale in Istanbul increases due to their natural and sea views which provides comforts for residents.

Villas in Turkey are specially designed to be appropriate for living during the summer and winter, that is provided with a floor-heating system that is based on hot water and provides adequate costs and suitable heating system. In the summer, the building stones provide heat insulation. Also, many villas for sale in Istanbul have a sound insulation system which provides a comfortable and quiet atmosphere inside the villa.

Like all villas in the world, villas in Turkey consists of a main building for families, a special room for maids, a swimming pool in the middle of the garden which includes all what residents desire to have like enjoying the beauty of colorful roses, as well as sauna rooms and sports courts. Most importantly, there is a robust security system that provides robust protection for villas where surveillance cameras are installed to follow the villa as well as alarms that are directly connected to the emergency police office.

In order to keep up with the international standards of villas, Turkish real estate companies do commit with the space standard which states that 500 m2 and above is the condition for classifying a building as a villa. For gardens, real estate companies are keen to be between 500 and 1,000 meters 2. There is no doubt that the garage is very important, so villas in Turkey provide a garage that comprehends at least 5 cars.

Turkish real estate companies offer a new system for villas where residential compounds are constructed as villas which share a range of services including shopping malls, sauna and steam rooms, sports venues, cafes, restaurants, Turkish baths, fitness room, playgrounds, jogging track or walkway. By the availability of these services, the person who wishes to buy a villa in Turkey has an environment that simulates his level and does not deprive him of the social life that no one, especially the children, can abandon.

Perhaps the most important thing that greatly shows the beauty of the villa and its splendor is the large area of its backyard which can become a farm for organic vegetables and fruits. This farm can also become a natural outlet for work away from closed office walls.

Damasturk Real Estate Company offers the best villas for sale in Istanbul which avails villas for sale in luxury projects where some of them are provided with stunning natural views and some with great sea views like D 172, D 171, and D 130. Protection Status