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Buying Property in Istanbul

Istanbul’s real estate market has finally opened up for foreigners. As a latecomer in the global real estate scene, Istanbul is offering international real estate investors an array of properties to invest in. From luxurious beachside villas to commercial high rise buildings, Istanbul has them all!

What makes Istanbul so alluring to investors from Europe and parts of the Arab world is it’s the low exchange rate of the Lira, which allows them to purchase properties at lower prices compared to their home countries and other parts of the world. When you look at the Istanbul real estate prices, properties for sale in Istanbul are considerably cheaper than they are in Europe.

Turkish laws and regulations related to real estate purchases have been relaxed in recent years allowing foreigners to purchase property within a day’s time! Foreign investors can also take advantage of the major tax drop.

Istanbul’s real estate market is highly dependent on the tourism industry, it’s better to discuss your needs with a real estate broker before settling on property prices yourself.

Istanbul Properties:

Once you have decided to buy a property in Istanbul, we will hence congratulate you for this step as the country you have already chosen has various services offered to visitors and residents. The reduced Istanbul property prices are due to the late involvement in the field of international real estates which in turn guarantee the availability of huge buildings in the market of properties which meet your desires. Your transfer to this country will provide you with a modern lifestyle which avails comfort for you in your house in addition to the beauty of sea, forests, and sunshine.

If you have decided on buying property in Istanbul, then you have to take the following issues into consideration:

Starting Point:

Most residents of foreigners are allowed to buy an real estate in Turkey. However, it is wise to visit the consulate before taking any procedure and once you have decided on buying an apartment in Istanbul, make sure to contact an authentic agent of properties. There are a lot of properties for sale in Istanbul but the agent will offer you some help in arriving at your choice and in Damasturk Company, we are there to offer you various choices and guidelines to professionally purchase the best property that meets your desires and wishes.

Choosing the Right Neighborhood:

Istanbul's neighborhoods vary widely. Istanbul property also vary greatly according to the region, so it is best to tour the city to determine where you want to live, whether your requirements are modest or luxurious as a wonderful home overlooking the Bosporus. Istanbul is the most expensive place to buy real estate in Turkey because it is a center for business, finance and tourism. The city received great attention by real estate and construction companies, but also remember that affordable real estate is on the outskirts of the city, and prices are rising as we get closer to the heart of the city and the Bosporus. One of the determinants of Istanbul real estate prices is also the nature of decorations and finishes. There are those who are satisfied with medium-level finishes, others want elegant finishes, and the financial ability of people plays a big role in determining this, depending on the price and view of each individual in choosing the finest Istanbul properties.

Reason behind your Purchase:

The Turkish real estate market is flourishing fascinating customers rapidly due to the attractive prices, especially in Istanbul. For those who visit Istanbul for the first time, they are impressed by their beauty, scenic beauty and hospitality of the Turks.

Be sure of the main reason why you should buy a property in Istanbul, so you know exactly what to look for. If you want a long-term financial investment, then real estate under construction offers an attractive return.

If you are looking for a rental property, this market is primarily focused on the tourism landscape. In this case, the future property must match this purpose because of its proximity to historical sites, attractions, restaurants and shops. Make sure the property you buy is close to the beach or has a swimming pool on site.

Those who are looking to move to the country to obtain permanent housing prefer a large city stay that is almost active throughout the year and not just during the tourist season. By knowing the reason for your purchase in Turkey, it will be easier to pick your choice among thousands of properties for sale.

Ask Questions:

At Damasturk Real Estate, we try to provide customers with as much information as possible, including details of the property, as well as a wide range of facts about the process of buying Turkish property. We urge potential buyers to ask questions they have in their minds. The company also offers apartments for sale in Istanbul near the green areas, sports clubs, shopping centers and universities. As the client contacts us, all the residential models and features of each area are displayed for his sake. Protection Status