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Antalya Property for Sale 2019

The city of Antalya is described as the capital of leisure tourism and is strategically located in the territory of the Mediterranean Sea in southern Turkey. Antalya is the 6th largest city in Turkey, that is surrounded by various provinces including Muğla, Burdur, Isparta, Konya, Karaman and Mersin. All of this made Antalya a dynamic city with a strategic location and a significant link between more than one city.

Properties for Sale in Antalya

It is worth mentioning that Antalya avails many job opportunities for job seekers in the field of agriculture and tourism. Accordingly, this makes the region a high-density population which in turn provides distinguished job opportunities for those who want to invest in Turkey . Apartments for sale in Antalya are characterized by their location within residential and tourism compounds. In addition to foreigners who live in residential compounds, they include tourism places as well like resorts and villas. According to the Turkish Statistical Institute, a large number of tourists visit Antalya periodically where the number approached 9 million and 740 thousand tourists in 2017.

The tourist attraction of Antalya is characterized by abundance and continuity due to the abundance of historical and recreational places that make the city what is so-called "Little Istanbul" although it has better advantages in terms of the lack of traffic congestion and population density.

Since 1980, the city of Antalya has received a high interest from the Turkish government. This interest has made it a center for attracting those who wish to stay there for agricultural and tourist work in particular. This has led to an urbanized expansion that has been run by the Turkish government through organized plans to maintain the organization and distribution of the city.

Antalya has a very distinct history that refers to the first ages and witnessed many civilizations including Celtic, Lilladian, Roman, Byzantium, Seljuk, and Ottoman civilization. Although Antalya was not the capital of the mentioned civilization, it crosses a great and diverse heritage.

The tourism attraction of Antalya does not mean that it is a hybrid city that is far from population stability. However, the regions of Antalya are divided into tourism places including Alanya, Kaş, etc. and residential places like Liman and Konyaaltı. This partition shows the stability for those who are interested in buying a cheap apartment in Turkey where it can easily be handled once they arrive there.

In addition to population stability, Antalya luckily avails many job opportunities for those who are fluent in Arabic, especially in the field of tourism, agriculture and industry. Its value is further compounded by the fact that it has two international airports that make it easy to travel to other cities and countries.

What distinguishes Antalya as peaceful and comfortable living place refer to the available and advanced educational and health services, two public and many private universities, and the accessible institutions and academies.

Apartments for Sale in Antalya

Damas Company for Properties has observed the great interest of customers in Antalya, especially those who look for properties and investment opportunities in Turkey. Thus, Damas Company bought to offer many real estate projects including 604, 603, 602, and 603.

It is worth noting that all projects offered by Damas can be owned according to customers' affordability and have the choice to pay by appropriate installments

Why Should You Invest in Antalya?

Antalya is a very popular region in Turkey that many now refer to it as the holiday hub for expatriates and locals. Formerly known as Pamphylia, Antalya boasts of many interesting places like the very popular Konyaalti Beach where any Antalya property investor can expect up to 3 to 5 years return on investment.

4 Major Reasons to Invest in Antalya

Multicultural Attraction

Buying a property in other parts of Turkey may be challenging due to language barrier. But in Antalya, even the locals there speak foreign languages and so, it is very easy to find people speaking English, French, Russian, and German languages. No wonder many tourists prefer property in Antalya because there is little or no language barrier in communication.

Turkey’s Golfing Capital

There is a reason Belek in Antalya district is being advertised by the Turkish golf federation, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, and even Turkish Airlines. It’s simply because Belek is considered as Turkey’s golfing capital that attracts tourists who are looking for golfing holiday year in and out. There are also holiday vibes and beaches that abound in Belek. Yet, you will be surprised to see Antalya property for sale at a very cheap rate due to the amended property laws that now favor investors.

State of the Art Transport Network

Antalya has a good transport network that connects with other parts of the country. People that love to travel by bus will find that the bus system is very efficient. And with over 20 million foreigners coming in to this region, it goes to show that Turkish Airline is not doing badly. If you prefer to use your car, the D400 coastal road allows you see through small villages and towns for a sightseeing pleasure.

Favorable Weather All Year Round

While people in other countries may be covering up because of the freezing weather, or staying indoors because of rainy and windy atmosphere in January and February, you find that in Antalya, you can enjoy outdoor living regardless of the time of the year.

Investing in Antalya real estate is a great idea because you get to enjoy returns on your investment with some peace of mind.

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