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The latest updates to Turkish Citizenship By Investment

Naturalization law

Turkey president issued a decision that grants citizenship to foreign property owners starting from 19.09.2018
(property value 250.000 $)

Property Under Construction

A new amendment grants Turkish citizenship to foreign (under construction) property owners starting from 19.09.2018
(property value 250.000 $)

Palestinians Ownership

A new decision issued grants the right to property and the Turkish citizenship to Palestinians who hold a travel document

New Facilities

New facilities issued grant property owners who granted Title deed after issuing the decision the right to apply for the Turkish citizenship


Citizenship act Decision text with the Translation


 On Wednesday, 19/09/2018 the Turkish Official Gazette published the provision of law in reference to amending the conditions of the Turkish Naturalization in exchange for buying property in Turkey or employment, investing and deposit in Turkish banks.

According to the new law, the foreigner can acquire the Turkish citizenship by property in the following cases:

  1. In the case of buying property in Turkey worth more than $ 250,000 instead of the previous value of $1 million, provided that the property is not sold within 3 years.
  2. In another amendment, the requirement to deposit a sum of money in Turkish banks in exchange for citizenship has been amended. The condition stipulates to deposit $500,000 instead of $3 million as was earlier mentioned in the previous law.
  3. Another provided amendment identified a reduction in the value of fixed investment in exchange for citizenship where the capital required for this investment was reduced from $2 million to $500,000.
  4. In addition, the entrepreneur, who provides employment opportunities for 50 Turkish citizens, is now able to obtain the Turkish citizenship where the previously the condition was to employ 100 citizens.

Special offices will be created to receive applications for obtaining the Turkish citizenship and facilitating their procedures. These offices will be subject to the supervision of the committee composed of the indicated Ministries.

The provision of the law was published in the Official Gazette which is considered the archival resource for decisions, decrees, and governmental and parliamentary laws. The provision of the two related articles of the law is as follows:

Resolution No. 106

The amendment of the regulations for the application of acquiring the Turkish Citizenship was adopted and the amendment was attached to Article (46) of the Turkish Citizenship law Act No. 5901.

18 September 2018

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan

President of the Republic of Turkey

Special Decree of Amendments for the Application of Acquiring the Turkish Citizenship

Adopted Mechanism for Applying for Citizenship through Real Estate:

In connection with the issue, the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization of Turkey issued the executive regulation related to the mechanism of implementation of the Nationality Law under No. 36189470 135, dated 15/10/2018.

According to the said regulation, the following criteria grant the owner of the property the right to benefit from the law to obtain the Turkish nationality through the property:

  1. The value of the property purchased before the issuance of the resolution shall be one million dollars signed by the President.
  2. The value of the property purchased after the issuance of the resolution shall be at least $ 250,000 and signed by the President; that is after the date of 19 September 2018. The value of the property should not be ignored and shall be transferred to the bank.
  3. Obtaining the title of the property, that is, the owner of the property paid the entire required price of the property. The physical value of the property is assessed by the issuing company which gives the owner a document regarding the value of the property.
  4. Signing the document of undertaking not to sell the property during the next three years in exchange for Turkish citizenship, and the order is within the Title Deed Foundation.
  5. Fixing a specific title for the property owner in Turkey. It does not necessarily have to be titled in the property that he owns, which means that he can rent his own property, and show the title of another property.

Documents Required for Applying for Citizenship through Property:

  • Real estate registration document (title deed document).
  • Payment receipt. This receipt can be obtained from the bank where the transaction was made.
  • Valid residence in Turkey.
  • Address fixation document.

Accordingly, all such papers shall be delivered to the Department of Souls and Nationality of the province in which the person who wishes to obtain the nationality resides.

In accordance with the Decree, the conditions that are stipulated for the foreigners to become eligible to acquire Turkish citizenship have been eased as following:

Article 1: Resolution (139)

  • The lower limit of the  invest in turkey in fixed capital condition has been lowered from USD 2,000,000 to USD 500.000,
  • The threshold for acquiring the citizenship through purchasing an immovable property which was at least at the amount of USD 1,000,000 has been lowered to USD 250.000,
  • The threshold of the employment condition has been reduced from 100 employees to 50 employees,
  • The least limit for the acquisition of the Turkish citizenship by investment via depositing money into banks operating in Turkey with the condition that the said amount shall not be withdrawn for at least 3 years has been lowered from USD 3,000,000 to USD 500.000,
  • The threshold for the acquisition the Turkish citizenship property via the purchase of government bonds has been lowered from USD 3,000,000 to USD 500.000,

Moreover, with the Decree, the sole competent authority that can decide upon the acquisition of the Turkish citizenship has been amended by the President. The former regulation stated that the citizenship may be acquired by the those who provide the said conditions with the proposal of the relevant Ministry and the decision of the Council of Ministers, but now it is the President who decides whether one is eligible to be awarded the citizenship or not.

Article (4): All the above-mentioned conditions are entered into force from the first day of its release.


On Friday, 08/12/2018 the Turkish Official Gazette published the provision of law in reference to amending the conditions of obtaining the Turkish Naturalization in exchange for buying a property that is under construction in Turkey.

The previous provision underlined that foreigners can obtain the Turkish Citizenship if they seek to buy a property that is ready for housing but now the laws have been amended and foreigners can obtain the Citizenship in exchange of buying a property that is under construction under the condition that the property must not be less than $250.000 or what equals that in Turkish Lira where payments are out of the agreement and not accepted as part of this provision.

Moreover, the owner must pledge not to sell the property before three years of buying it.


Are Palestinian Citizenship Holders Entitled to buying property in turkey?

The Department of Foreigners Affairs of the Turkish Real Estate Registry issued a new resolution that concerns Palestinian citizenship holders regarding amending the conditions for their ownership in Turkey, and accordingly the Palestinians were finally allowed to own properties in Turkey.


Holders of Palestinian Travel Documents before the Resolution:

A Palestinian who holds a travel document and does not possess a passport from the Palestinian Authority could not buy a property in Turkey, as the authorities in Turkey did not approve Palestinian documents for the sake of the ownership of the Palestinians, even when the very same authorities in Turkey approves that same documents for the right to obtain a tourist residency. the Palestinian, coming to Turkey with a travel document, who wants to buy a property had to obtain a document stating that he is without a homeland first, and then after that he had the right to buy the property. In this regard, Mr. Bayram Takcha, Chairman of the Board of Directors of one of the institutions in Antalya, mentions that many Palestinians who hold travel documents have already submitted requests to receive the title deed document, but unfortunately these requests ended in rejection. He added that the only obstacle facing the Palestinians from receiving their title deeds for real estate in Turkey is the Turkish authorities’ non-acceptance or approval of the travel document for arrivals, and upon the approval of this document, we will witness a large number of Palestinians buying real estate in Turkey.


Prerequisite Conditions of Buying a Property in Turkey:

One of the most important conditions that a Palestinian must provide is a residency; the new resolution stipulates that the Palestinian through his travel document, from the country in which he resides, be that for example Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Egypt, or other countries in which he resides, can own real estate in Turkey.

And according to what the Directorate of Real Estate issued, the decision came into effect on March 2019, and it stipulates, as previously mentioned, to allow ownership of Palestinian citizenship holders in Turkey if that holder of the Palestinian document has fulfilled the conditions for obtaining residency.


Holders of Palestinian Travel Documents after the Resolution:

The Turkish Ministry of Economy and the Department of Immigration Affairs of the State of Istanbul have discussed a resolution of 2013 about the right of real estate ownership for Palestinians, and the end result was a circular issued on 06.03.2019 to amend the previous decisions regarding the right to own real estate for Palestinians to include everyone with a passport from the Palestinian authorities or a travel document issued by any country. This decision is considered an exceptional amendment for Palestinians only to facilitate their ownership procedures.


A new legal amendment, published in the Official Gazette of Turkey, had been issued recently that would facilitate the acquisition of the Turkish citizenship by foreigners who purchased a property in Turkey before the issuance of the recent Turkish citizenship law. Where customers of Damas Turk Real Estate can apply for the Turkish citizenship according to the new conditions in the following order:

  • The foreign clients have invested in real estate purchase after 12.01.2017
  • They obtained a title deed after 19.09.2019
  • And that the last owner of the property was a Turkish person or a Turkish company, even if the previous owner of the property was a foreigner.
  • Completed the value of their property to reach $ 250.000 by owning new properties to complete the total amount.

Furthermore, the new amendment eliminates the requirement to show a bank receipt in the application for Turkish citizenship through real estate purchased from public companies such as TOKİ and Emlak Konut, whether they are a solid project developer or act in partnership with other private companies. However, the requirement to prove payment by bank receipts remains in effect when purchasing real estate from private companies or individuals.

Excluded from that clients who purchased property worth $ 1 million as of 12.01.2017 where they, according to the amendment issued, do not have to prove their payments by bank receipts, even if their property was purchased by private companies.

Over and above that, the exchange rate of the Turkish lira against the dollar is one of the most important amendments; in order to obtain the Turkish citizenship and complete the application successfully, the conditions for the exchange rate of the Turkish lira against the dollar must be met on the dates of payment, bank receipts, property evaluation reports, dates of delivery of the real estate document, and dates of citizenship application.

Buying property in Turkey worth 250 thousand dollars:

The owner is required not to sell the property for a period of three years, and he has to pledge on that. He also must not transfer his ownership at the concerned records’ directorates regarding real estate. However, this method is one of the easiest and fastest ways in which you can obtain the Turkish citizenship. It is prover now that real estate investment is one of the most successful methods prevailing at the present time, and that is because the real estate retains its actual value in cases of market volatility, or even in cases of economic fluctuations, the value of the property increases with the passage of time, it can also be rented, and the value of additional income can be used, or it can be reused from a prepared property for personal use to use it in a wider domain as a company and the like. It is important to note that obtaining the Turkish citizenship also includes the wife, and the children who have not reached the age of 18 years yet, and the procedures for applying for Turkish citizenship can be started right after purchasing the property that meets the conditions mentioned. In this regard, fear nothing. Damas Turk Real Estate will be with you side by side, step by step, throgh lawyers and advisors specialize in obtaining the Turkish citizenship, and that includes how to start the required procedures, direct you to the correct and shortened methods, and relieve you of the trouble of searching and inspecting that may expose you to falling in the hands of real estate gangs and fraud networks.

Features of Turkish citizenship:

Besides that it gives you the opportunity you to visit more than a hundred countries around the world without a visa, the Turkish citizenship gives you the chance to work in various sectors and government strips without needing a work permit. It also allows you to benefit from the retirement law and free public transport services (buses, autobuses, metro, tramways, and metrobus .... etc.). Moreover, you can practice professions prohibited to foreigners such as dentistry, law, pharmacy, veterinary, customs clearance, notary work, translation (sworn or certified translator), marine professions, and a tour guide. On top of that, you are not required to employ 5 Turks when opening a company, and you can enjoy benefiting from the government concessions that Turkey offers in particular to Turkish investors, such as financial support, tax cuts, and in some cases the abolition of value-added tax and others.

Complexes Projects Suitable for Citizenship


Required documents for Turkish citizenship acquisition for investors

  • Applicant Passport

  • Birth Certificate

  • Material Status Certificate for the Applicant

  • Family registration form

  • Non Convicted Certificate

  • Biometric Photo 6

  • Application Payment Receipt

  • Property Value Payment Receipt

  • Health Insurance

  • Conformity Certificate

Steps for Turkish Citizenship Application by Real Estate Investment

Flag Pole Top Flag Pole Bottom
arrow stamp date photo arrow 10Days
arrow Obtaining the Certificate of Conformity (Land Registry)
1 2 3
  • Tapu (Title deed) or sales contract

  • Bank Transfer Receipts by Seller and Buyer

  • Real Estate Evaluation Report

  • A Power of Attorney by the Buyer to a Specialized Attorney

  • Tax registration number + photo id

1- Real Estate Title or Sale Contract: for a ready for delivery property that worth $ 250.000, with a pledge not to sell for 3 consecutive years, (real estate easement title for real estate under construction is acceptable).

2- (Receipt / Receipts) Bank Transfer: (for real estate / real estates) purchased with a value of $ 250.000, signed by the buyer.

3- (Receipt / Receipts) Bank Receipt: (for real estate / real estates) sold for $ 250.000, signed by the seller.

4- Real estate appraisal report: (for real estate / real estates) purchased with a value of $ 250,000.

5- A copy of a translated passport, certified by a notary.

6- Obtaining a tax number from any tax department in Turkey.

7- A copy of the buyer's power of attorney for the lawyer.

8- Personal Biometric photos measuring 60 * 50 (2 photos).

Details Back
arrow stamp date photo arrow 45Days
arrow Obtaining Investor Residency (Migration Department)
1 2 3
  • Property Conformity certificate to the Citizenship Conditions

  • Investor Residency Application form

  • Valid Original Passport

  • Birth Certificate

  • Photo id

1- Certificate of conformity of the property to the requirements of the Citizenship Law (resulting from the first stage).

2- Application form to apply for investor residency.

3- Valid passport, along with a copy its translation, certified by the notary.

4- Valid health insurance.

5- Biometric photos measuring 60 * 50 (4 photos).

Details Back
stamp date photo arrow 45Days
arrow Application for Turkish citizenship (Personal Status Department)
1 2 3
  • Investor residence permit starts with 99 national number

  • Turkish citizenship application form

  • Material Status Record

  • Family Members Passports

  • Family Registration Form and Birth Certificate

  • Photo id

1- Investor residency starting with the national number 99 (resulting from the second phase).

2- Application form to apply for the Turkish citizenship.

3- Civil status document: a marriage statement or contract for married, or a civil status statement for singles.

4- Passports of family members who are eligible to apply for the Turkish citizenship (father, mother, and children under the age of 18).

5- Family statement: includes all the family members or the family record book.

6- Birth certificate: for all the family members, or an individual record.

7- Biometric photos measuring 60 * 50 (2 photos).

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arrow result_steps-hand
100 Days

For Obtaining
Turkish Citizenship


Projects of villa complexes suitable for citizenship act


Strength Turkish Passport

  • Entering 72 countries without visa, immediate visa when reaching the airport to 44 countries and entering more than 7 countries by electronic visa issued on the internet

  • The Turkish passport was rated as the 37th worldwide according to 2019 classification

  • Grants its Holder all Medical Rights

  • Grants its Holder to Benefit from Pension Program as a Turkish Citizen

  • Provides Free of Charge Education and Payment Plans for University

  • Grants the Right to Vote for all Kinds of Elections

  • Allows Multiple Citizenships for those who Hold non-Turkish Passports

  • Valid for 10 Years and Renewable for Life

  • Passports Issued Since 1st January 2010 are Electronic Passports


Strength Turkish Passport 2019:

  • Without a visa
    72 Country
  • Visa at the Airport
    44 Country

Most countries that do not need a visa to enter their territories

  • Russia
  • Japan
  • Singapore
  • South Korea

Nationalities that are not included in the citizenship by property investment act

  • Syria
  • North Korea
  • Cuba
  • Armenia

The most forthcoming Arabic nationalities in citizenship by investment

  • Yemen
  • Jordan
  • Jordan
  • Egypt

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